SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank account holders: Unbelievable but true, you can switch on, switch off your debit card

SBI, ICICI, Axis Bank account holders: Unbelievable but true, you can switch on, switch off your debit card

ATM/Debit Card Advanced Features: The increasing reliance on technologies has led to an increase in financial crimes. Now and then we come across news of financial crimes which also includes siphoning off money from bank ATMs, debit and credit cards. While the banks, by sending messages/emails, have been ensuring that you get to know about every transaction linked to your bank account or credit card, you also need to be extra cautious when it comes to your hard earned money.

No matter whether you are a State Bank of India customer or Axis Bank or ICICI Bank or of any other bank, fraudsters love your money and try to get access to it illegally. To ensure that your money remains safe, banks have been coming out with enhanced security measures and features. In the last two years, banks have also launched features that gives you complete control of your debit card.


For instance, the SBI has an app named ‘SBI Quick’ available on Android, Windows, iOS and Blackberry platforms. You can switch ‘off’ or ‘on’ your ATM Debit card using this app easily. First of all, you will have to install the app. Then to switch on/off the app, follow the method explained below:

Step 1:  Choose the ATM Card Configuration

Step 2:  Select ATM Card Switch ON / OFF option

Step 3: Enter the last 4 digits of your card

Step 4: On the next page there are two options which are Channels and Usage.  ATM is the first option under channels.

However, if you don’t want to install the app, you can do it by just sending a message. Type ‘SWON/SWOFFATM/POS/ECOM/INTL/DOM<space> XXXX’ and send an SMS to 09223966666 from your registered mobile number. XXXX is the last four digit of your card.

Similarly, if you have an ICICI Bank credit card, debit card, you can control it using the bank’s iMobile app. The app has a ‘Manage Card’ feature which enables a customer t:

1. Temporarily block/unblock the Card
2. Block/unblock online transactions
3. Block/unblock international transactions
4. Block/unblock ATM withdrawals

However, if you have an Axis Bank card, you can also switch it off when not in use. The bank has a feature  ‘Total Control ’ that empowers debit card customers to self -manage and customize their card features through Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, ATM and the Phone Banking IVR.

The ‘Total Control’ platform allows customers to set limits, choose between domestic or international usage, switch on or off their card and even replace the card.

However, if you have lost your ATM/Debit/Credit card and if you don’t use your bank’s net banking service or app, you can get your card blocked by calling on the bank’s customer care number.


Source:- zeebiz